Thursday, April 5, 2012

Behold, the BREAD! {a review}

I made all our bread goods from scratch before going gluten free.  And though I don't miss it all the time, I do miss the convenience of toast or sandwiches for quick picnic lunches.  I've bought horrid gf loaves and some good ones, too, but the price was hard to swallow.  Udi's (which is closest to a great taste and gf/cf/egg free) is over 6 bucks a loaf around here!!!  YIKES!  I have tried many different recipes through the last 4 years--bouncing back and forth between hopeful anticipation and despair of ever finding a truly good recipe that met our needs and tastes. 
I think I may have {gasp} finally found one!  YAY!  It is The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen's Vegan sandwich bread.  Yum!  It looks tastes must be, well, good! 

Behold, the Bread!

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