Monday, March 21, 2011

{gluten, dairy, and egg free} blackberry hazelnut cake balls

Elana over at Elana's Pantry has been making various kinds of these tantalizing chocolate bites.  We had a huge extended family gathering where I knew there would be all sorts of yummy treats that my daughter can't eat, including cake balls.  The fam was serving everything from muffins to meatballs, various kinds of popcorn to jalepeno poppers (which I graciously offered to deseed and proceeded to POP a seed in my eye, OUCH!)  I made glazed meatballs, banana muffins, cookie bars, trail mix popcorn, and these cake balls.  No complaints and no deprivation.

blackberry hazelnut cake balls~~

I used Elana's chocolate cake recipe, subsituting Ener-G egg replacer for the eggs.

After the cake cooled, I crumbled it and added about 1/3 c. blackberry jam (I like Polaner's).

Next, I formed them into balls.  Elana used 1/2 c. jam so if yours are not staying together, add a bit more jam.

I then melted about 1/2 c. Enjoy Life chocolate chips and dipped them, rolling them in chopped hazelnuts while the chocolate was still soft. 

This made about 30 cake balls.  These turned out really well. They also keep well in the freezer.  Elana's always got something great going--check out her site in my sidebar!

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